Teen Book Review: TTYL by Lauren Myracle




Maddie, Zoe, and Angela have been best friends forever. Now that they’re in tenth grade their lives are all changing. They promise to stay true to the winsome threesome and avoid drama at all costs (like that could ever happen.) You follow their lives through the instant messages that they send each other talking about scandalous teachers, crazy parties rumors, boys, and the Queen Bee Jana Whitaker. This is the first in the series and they’re all hilarious. The characters are very relate-able and the books are an enjoyment to any type of reader. -KJM

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Teen Book Review: Identical by Ellen Hopkins

Two sisters, Kaeleigh and Raeanne, are identical down to every last hair…but they couldn’t be MORE different. Kaeleigh is exactly like her mom, while Raeanne takes after their compulsive father. An unexpected car crash ends Raeanne’s life and their parent’s relationship. The loss takes a massive toll on Kaeleigh, and causes her to go into a drug and alcohol fallout resulting in her near death on many occasions. She also ends up suffering from duel personality disorder.
A MUST READ!!!! – For readers that have read any of Hopkins’ other books. And for those who love realistic fiction.
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Teen Book Review: Lucky T by Kate Brian

“Carrie Fitzgerald had never believed in luck until one embarrassing day in school she had to change into an ugly red T-Shirt she had received as a gift. At first she dreaded being seen until she discovered she had good luck whenever she wore it. She held onto it and wore it on the days she needed a boost. Now that she was 16 however, her luck suddenly changed when her mom gave the shirt to a youth group collecting clothes for children in India. Carrie, feeling completely distraught, travels to India to get her shirt back. You follow Carrie through her wild goose chase in India following the Red shirt with the green star. This book is the perfect girl meets boy adventure with a twist making it an excellent read.” -KJM
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We’re starting to plan our summer programming. What do you want to see?


Believe it or not, here at the library we start planning for the summer in March. In the past we’ve done many different things for teens over the summer. What would you like to see this year?




You have GOT to get your hands on this book. We’re practically forcing  The Fault in Our Stars  into the hands of any teenager or adult who will take a chance on it.

It’s not necessarily happy-go-lucky. It has some heart shattering moments, really. There are, however, parts which are certain to make you laugh out loud. You will fall madly in love with Hazel Grace Lancaster and Agustus Waters. You will never forget them. We promise.

Find a copy as soon as humanly possible and don’t expect to put it down.

Listen to a bit by pressing play below:

According to John Green’s website, “the movie rights have been optioned by Fox 2000.”

Teen Tech Week Video Contest


Teen tech week will be from March 4- March 10. To celebrate, the Essex Library is hosting a video contest. Participants must be in grades 6 and up.

The contest theme? “Why I Love my Library” of course!

Points will be given for creativity, editing skills, and final presentation. Videos must be ten min. long or less and can be submitted on a disc or posted online with the link emailed to Jessica at jbranciforte@essexlib.org. If you don’t have the time to make your own, we’ll have our flip cameras rolling all week long.  Stop in to make a statement! Raffle tickets are awarded to participants – and first place wins a delightful digital prize.

The winner will be announced on March 16th at 11 am on this blog.

                                                                                        Get your cameras rolling!