2013 Teen Choice Book of the Year Nominees



In association with the Children’s Book Council (CBC) and Every Child a Reader (ECAR), Teenreads.com is giving you a very special opportunity to let your voices be heard by telling us your five favorite books of 2012. The five titles that receive the most votes will serve as the finalists for the CBC’s 2013 Teen Choice Book of the Year. Once the five finalists have been determined, we will tell you where you can go vote for them. The winner will be announced in May 2013.

All you have to do is fill out the form between now and February 13th, 2013 at noon ET. Your top five selections may come from the list we’ve provided below, or you can vote for titles not on the list.

Important Note: If you choose to add a title for nomination that is not on our list, please be sure that the book(s) released for the first time in 2012; this means that paperbacks originally published as hardcovers prior to 2012 will not be accepted. If you’re uncertain about a book’s release date, we suggest you search for that title on Amazon.com, BN.com or IndieBound.com.

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We’re in Awe of the Wonder Show


The story of a girl on the run in 1939.

Thirteen-year-old Portia Remini has been left behind over and over again, but this time, she’s the one who’s leaving. She’s had enough of The Home, of being called a wayward girl, of Mister’s dastardly deeds. And when her only friend suddenly dies and Portia’s guilt weighs too much to bear, she decides it’s time to run away.

When she meets up with a traveling sideshow, Portia collides with a world she has never known, a world that few people have seen up close, a world that will change Portia forever.

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We’re Going to the Movies!


Some of our favorite titles are coming to the Big Screen this year!

The debut YA novel, Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo is the first planned in a series to be created by the producer of Harry Potter, David Heyman. It will be produced for Dreamworks.


New year, Beautiful Creatures is scheduled to be shown on February 13th,Mortal Instruments on August 23rd,and Catching Fire on November 22nd.

In addition, Divergent was just given a release date of 3/21/14. It’s based on the first in the series by Veronica Roth.The screenplay for Marie Lu’s Legend was completed this summer. In July, Paramount acquired the rights to Libba Bray’s forthcoming first book in a series The Diviners.


Also, (can you believe there’s more?!) Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor was acquired by Universal in December.Any thoughts on the actors/actresses they should choose for particular? The comments section awaits you. : )See you at the movies!

Newest Obession: Divergent Series



Many of you are fans of the Hunger Games trilogy. Many of you have noted that now that you’ve read the series, there’s a dystopian void in your life. We’ve got a solution for you. Here at the library we are loving the Divergent series by Veronica Roth…and dare we say it? We might even like it MORE than the Hunger Games. We’ve got multiple copies in and can order you one if you’d like it. Until then, check out the book trailer and Veronica Roth’s author site below. 






Teen Book Review: Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard



Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly  4/5 Stars  Reviewed by reader G.R.

The book Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dougard is a fast paced, adventure-filled book about the plot to kill Lincoln. The book starts off with the climax of the Civil War. Confederates soldiers are worn out and sick of war. They have been defeated time and time again by U.S. Grant and his Union forces. Finally, after a series of battles, General Lee (of the Confederate forces) surrenders to his adversary, General Grant.

However, back in the capital of the now reformed United States, John Wilkes Booth is planning to assassinate the president. Much planning and thought has gone into this mission. So when Booth gets word Lincoln will attend Fords theater, he decides that will be the best time to assassinate the president.

So on Friday the fourteenth while watching the play ‘’Our American Cousin’’ Booth shot Lincoln in the back of the head and escapes Washington. We all know the basics of what happened that terrible week, but to find out what really happened you will have to read Killing Lincoln.